Welcome to the secret world of bears - Secret Bear World!  Explore the amazing Bear Island, starting with the beautiful Ice Castle in the snowy mountains, follow the sparkling waterfall as it winds its way into the Rain Forest, go into the City where your bear can shop for virtual merchandise, and make new friends at the Bear Café where your bear can hang out while sharing milkshakes with other bears.

There are also many exciting games to play, such as Bear Racing, where you can compete for top scores and earn bear coins to spend in stores. Bear coins can be spent on costumes (such as firefighter, princess, ballerina, knight), furniture for your bear's home, and a whole range of other items from toys to cool gadgets for your bear.

A wide variety of colorful characters live in Secret Bear World, too. There's Mr. Fuzzypants, the delightful old toy store owner, Carmine, Carlos, and Carmella who serve delicious milkshakes at the Bear Café, and, of course, SuperBear, dedicated to helping the less fortunate and saving the environment.

Ryan Bear is the Bear Ambassador for Secret Bear World and he welcomes everyone to join the fun. Ssh, our Bear Ambassador has a secret. Ryan Bear is secretly the Bear Prince of Secret Bear World and he lives in the Ice Castle.

Everyone is welcome to join Secret Bear World free of charge, although only members who purchase Gold Bear Card membership privileges are entitled to exclusive items for their Bears, as well as access to special events and secret areas of the island.

Secret Bear World is a cool and fun place for children to play safely online, with exciting games, colorful costumes, and a wonderful array of characters for you to meet. But you'll only find out if you play!




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