Click onto PLAY NOW and then click onto CREATE A BEAR. Choose a name for your Bear, password, and enter your parent’s email address. Then the fun part! Choose your favorite Bear type – Honey Bear, Brown Bear, Panda Bear, Koala Bear, Polar Bear, Spectacled Bear, or Spirit Bear! And here's a secret: you can always change your Bear type later with Magic Milkshakes! Click onto CONTINUE, and then have your parent check their email account for a registration confirmation email. They will need to click onto the confirmation link before you can start playing Secret Bear World!



To login, click onto PLAY NOW and then enter your Bear Name and Password before clicking onto LOGIN. Then click onto a SERVER (Gold, Silver, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire).



The first thing you will see after you login to Secret Bear World is your beary own Bear Phone which is your personal guide to everything! To close the Bear Phone, click onto Close on the Bear Phone. To open the Bear Phone, click onto the Bear Phone icon located at the bottom left of your screen.






When you need more instructions, click onto the ? icon for this Help Page (Bear Tutorial) to open up in a new screen.


Paint Can

To change the color of the screen of your Bear Phone, click onto the Paint Can icon and choose a color.



To go to your Bear Home, click onto the Home icon (House). You can furnish and decorate your Bear's Home!



To travel around the virtual world, click onto the Travel icon (Taxi) and then click onto a location to be transported there instantly! My favorite is the Ice Castle!



To play the games for earning bear coins which you need to purchase virtual merchandise for your Bear, click onto the Games icon (Game Controller) and play fun games!



To shop for your Bear, click onto the Shopping icon (Shopping Bag). Shopping is lots of fun in Secret Bear World! To purchase toys and vehicles for your Bear, click onto the Mr. Fuzzypants’ Toy Chest icon. To purchase furniture and electronics for your Bear, click onto the E-Paws icon. To purchase clothing and costumes for your Bear, click onto the Honey Fashion icon. To purchase milkshakes and food for your Bear, click onto the Café Caramello icon. You will be transported to the specific shop instantly!



To dress your Bear, click onto the Wardrobe icon (T-Shirt). You can transfer clothing items from Inventory to your Wardrobe by using the + icon, and transfer clothing items from Wardrobe to Inventory by using the – icon. Click onto the rounded green arrows to see your Bear model their new clothing style in 360 degrees!



To see your Inventory, click onto the Inventory icon (Treasure Chest). You can Use (Magic Milkshake will transform your Bear to a different bear type), Equip (takes you to the Wardrobe feature), Install (places the item in your Bear Home), or Trash your items.



Click onto the Vehicles icon (Bearmobile) to choose a vehicle to ride around the virtual world. The most popular vehicles are the Bearmobile and the Fire Engine!



Click onto the Friends icon (3 Bear Heads) to find a friend, add a friend, visit a friend's home with this feature, and see pending friends requests.



Click onto the Mail icon (Envelope) to send mail to your friends or read mails from your friends. Click onto your received mail to read messages from your friends. Send mail to a friend by clicking onto Send Mail and writing your message, and you can also send a gift (milkshake, etc.) to your friend by attaching the gift to your message.



See how many Bear Coins you have earned!


Bear Card

Everybody has a Blue Bear Card except Gold Bear Card members who have exclusive Gold Bear Cards!


More Icons

Click onto the Green Arrows at the bottom of your Bear Phone to go to the next screen for more icons of fun stuff!




The Chat icon gives you a choice of cool predefined comments for chatting with your bear friends! The Bear Paw icon lets your Bear do animations such as Wave, Giggle, and Sleep! The Happy Face icon lets your Bear show funny faces to express emotions!



To shop in the stores, click onto the storekeeper and a large bubble will pop up. You can also shop by clicking onto the shopkeeper’s face located at the upper right hand corner of your screen. When you see an item you wish to purchase, click onto the item and then BUY. And voila, your new item will show up in your Inventory.



Bears can share milkshakes in the Café Caramello by holding their milkshakes in their paws. Magic Milkshakes (gold star) have special powers that can transform your Bear to a different type of Bear. Rainbow Magic Milkshakes are the best as they can transform your Bear to any Bear!



To add a new furniture item to your Bear Home, click EDIT to enter Editing Mode and then click ADD to choose a furniture item from your Inventory. Click onto the furniture item you wish to place in your Bear Home, and then move the furniture item around (green squares, not red squares) to place the item in your Bear Home. Click ROTATE to change the position of the furniture item. To move a furniture item, click onto the furniture item and then click again when the furniture is in the place where you want it. To remove a selected furniture item, click DELETE. When you are finished, click onto BACK to escape Editing Mode.



Click onto a Bear Inhabitant, and they will talk to you! A wide variety of colorful characters live in Secret Bear World. There's Mr. Fuzzypants, the delightful old toy store owner, Carmine, Carlos, and Carmella who server delicious milkshakes at the Bear Cafe, and of course, Super Bear, dedicated to helping the less fortunate and saving the environment. And more bears!



Secret Keys are floating around Secret Bear World. Click onto the keys and collect 10 keys to be awarded a prize! But you have to find the secret place to trade your bear coins in for the prize! Good luck on your quest!



When you meet a new bear whom you wish to be friends with, click onto the bear and select the Add A Friend icon. This will send a message to the other bear, saying that you have requested to be their friend. They may accept your friends request or they may choose to be friends later. You can also Find A Friend if you know their Bear Name and send a friend request to them.. Pending Requests show your list of Friend Requests from other bears.



Clicking onto the News icon (Newspaper) will open a new screen for the Bear Blog which has the latest news in Secret Bear World.



When you finish playing Secret Bear World, please click onto the LOGOUT icon and save the bear environment!





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