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Parents love Secret Bear World, a virtual world of bears, because their kids can play cool games safely online. Secret Bear World was designed with charity built into its game design, so play Secret Bear World for lots of fun and save the world at the same time!

Everyone is welcome to join Secret Bear World free of charge, although members who purchase Gold Bear Card membership are entitled to exclusive members only items - including secret levels of virtual merchandise and access to invitation only special events!

New Gold Bear Card memberships receive 8000 bear coins and an exciting virtual gift!

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All memberships automatically renew unless cancelled.
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Exclusive Member Benefits!

Exclusive virtual item - Bear Bed!
Ride a Bearmobile or Fire Engine around the entire virtual world!
Wear cool costumes, such as the Firefighter Bear costume!
8000 Bear Coins - Buy more clothing and furniture with bear coins!
Gold Bear Card (you can print and carry in your wallet)
Invitation only special events!



My son started playing Secret Bear World when he was 4 years old, and when the kids started computer class in Kindergarten, he was the most advanced and learned fast, because of Secret Bear World! Secret Bear World is a great educational game for children and helps them to study better in school!

Secret Bear World is this adorable game site for children. Your children will get to make a bear character and name it. Then they can play all kinds of cute games. Kids, you can dress your bear up, decorate your bear's home, and even drive your very own car!

Secret Bear World is a virtual world online game for children, similar to Webkinz and Club Penguin. My daughter loves to play on Webkinz and has really enjoyed her time in Secret Bear World. My favorite part is that Secret Bear World was developed with charity built into its game design. Every little bit helps when trying to incorporate the importance of giving and sharing with your children.

I play Secret Bear World :) I LOVE SECRET BEAR WORLD!


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