Secret Bear World is a virtual world where children can have fun playing cool games, express themselves with colorful costumes and furniture for their very own virtual bear house, and safely interact with other children. Children can play in the beautiful Ice Castle and the sparkling waterfall in the Rain Forest, and shop in the City for virtual clothing and furniture before sharing milkshakes with other bears. is designed for 6 to 14 year olds, but all children are welcome to play. Each child starts by choosing a name and password for their Bear, and are then free to explore Secret Bear World and all the fun it has to offer.


Everyone is welcome to join Secret Bear World free of charge, although only members who purchase Gold Bear Card membership privileges are entitled to secret levels of virtual merchandise for their Bears and special events.



Registration is easy. Kids simply choose a bear name, type of bear, password, and enter a valid email address, and they are ready to start exploring Secret Bear World.

These details are used only for account verification purposes and we do not use any personal or contact details for any kind of solicitation, nor do we sell any of our contact information, and we have a very strict Privacy Policy.

Secret Bear World is FREE to play for everyone, but only having a Gold Bear Card Membership unlocks all of the secrets in Secret Bear World!



We are committed to providing a safe online game for children.

To ensure a safe virtual world, children may chat through a predefined menu of greetings, questions, and other simple conversational statements, as well as emoticons and postcards. For players who use custom chat, language filters are in place to block inappropriate language from being used. If there is any such language does get through, a system is in place for those offenders' accounts to be suspended or banned from play.

Secret Bear World has advanced safety measures to ensure a safe online experience for kids.


     Secret Bear World is beary proud to be KidZui Approved

     because KidZui ensures the safety of children online!






Secret Bear World was developed with charity built into its game design. Secret Bear World is committed to helping the children of the world by donating to children's cancer research in hopes that someday the world will find a cure for, or better yet, prevention to cancer, especially in children. We have already donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and we have set up Team Secret Bear World at Stand Up 2 Cancer (SU2C) because of their dedication to cancer research. We support all cancer research, not just children's cancer research. After all, family is most important in our customers' lives


To find out more about our Charity Foundation, please click here.





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